Choices & voices 

Let's inspire a bright future !


Promoting self-esteem and nature conservation!

Choices & Voices is a fun, interactive motivational / musical presentation for young audiences connecting two important issues– self-esteem and nature conservation.  Long time middle school coach and author, James D Scanlon, uses his story telling and musical talents in an impactful presentation to help inspire a bright future.  This program features a one-of-a-kind mirror-guitar, original songs, rap/rhymes, and lessons from the book James wrote, The Musical Adventure of One-Shot Billy.   


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THE WORLD NEEDS MORE GIVERS! - A bright future is dependent on making good choices.  As a result, navigating the pivotal line between 'give' and 'take' is at the heart of James D Scanlon's motivational speaking program, Mirror Guitar Motivation– Choices & Voices.  Book a performance and witness the award-winning rap, 'What Side Are You On?'